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Peppermint Dip

With electric mixer whip until fluffy: 8 ox cream cheese, 1/2 C powdered sugar, 1/2 C chopped almonds and 1/4 C Peppermint Mix. Use as a dip with apples, cookies or icing for cakes, bagels or waffles. 

Terrific Whipped Topping

Add 1/3 C Peppermint Mix to 12 oz. thawed topping. Use as dip or to top desserts or drinks. 

Peppermint Cake

Prepare a bundt cake as instructed, sprinkling crush starlight mints in the bottom of the pan. While the cake is cooking, mic 1 C powdered sugar, 1/2 C butter and 1/2 C Peppermint Mix together and bring to a boil. Glaze the cake when it is finished cooking. 

Peppermint Cloud

Break store bought angel food cake into bite sized pieces. Fold cake into Terrific Whipped Topping. Serve in pretty dessert bowl. Drizzle with Peppermint Mix and crushed Starlight Mints before serving. 

Peppermint Ice Cream

Let 2 C Vanilla Ice Cream Soften. Add 1/3 C crushed starlight mints and 1 C Peppermint Mix and mix well. Place in Styrofoam cups and freeze until firm


Peppermint Cappuccino

Add 2T Peppermint Mix into a cup of strong hot coffee. Add a splash of cream. Optional add bourbon. Top with Terrific Whipped Topping.

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Peppermint Cafe Royale

Mix in blender until smooth 1/2 C Peppermint Mix, 3/4 C strong coffee, 2 C ice cream.